OK, as of March 04, I have had the player running for about a year, and for a long time I had some ideas about improving the player.

2 of the fans were a bit worn and was making unnessesary much noise. Those were replaces with brand-new low-noice types on 7 volts. The third I kept, but made it controlable with the potentiometer in front. That way I can regulate the fanspeed (and noise).

One of my other big wishes, was beeing able to record and view movies and shows from TV. Finally I bought an external USB tvcard, and now I can use my divxplayer as a VCR. The tvcard is a Hauppauge with build-in MPG2 compressor, that almost dosn't use any CPU power.

With the tvcard in place, the next thing I needed was more HD space, so I swapped the 6 GB with a 80 GB disk. And as I had the cover off, I desided to put in a Duron 750 Mhz CPU instead, because the 1300 Mhz was overkill for now (and besides, I could use the 1300 elsewhere).

Some time later I got myself a cute little 3x16 chars LCD display, that was able to fit in place of the original CDplayer one. I soldered it to a LPT port connecter and got it running with som software called jaLCDs. It now shows CPU power used, RAM used, and free space on drive C.

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    Hardware specs:
    • Case from a Sony CD player.
    • MSI MS6390L-LE motherboard with onboard Sound/LAN/VGA.
    • 750 MHz Duron CPU.
    • ATI RAGE 128 Videocard with tvout.
    • AGP Risercard AGPTX4-6B.
    • Standard 300W ATX PSU.
    • 52x Speed Aopen CDROM drive.
    • 80 GB Segate Harddisk.
    • 256 MB DDR Ram.
    • Hauppauge USB TVcard
    • Controllerprint from an old keyboard.
    • 2 x 40mm and 1 x 50mm fans.
    • 3 x 16 char LCD Display

    Software specs:
    • Windows XP Pro.
    • DivX, Xvid and SVCD codec's.
    • BSplayer to play all kinds of mediafiles.
    • WinLirc to connect the infra red reciever to BSplayer.
    • WinVNC to remote control the PC over the network.
    • Hauppauge software to record and view movies and TV shows.
    • jaLCDs to control the LCD display.

    Other info:
    • Additional build time: 10 hours.
    • Extra cost: $300.

Copyright 2003 Jimmy Hansen All rights reserved. Email: tina.jimmy@mail.dk