My newest HTPC!

the major changes from my previous HTPC are:

    This HTPC are powered by a AMD XP1700+ processor which are undervolted to 1.2 Volt (default 1.6) and underclocked to 1000 Mhz (default 1466 Mhz). This gives me a CPU temp at 35 degrees celcius, which are ideal when the plan are to keep it on 24/7.
    The powersupply is a mikro-ATX which was easier to make room for.
    Bigger fans (80x80mm), To make it more silent.
    It has 5.1 surround sound, and USB 2.0 which gives me the option to record MPG files in 12 Mbit/s.
    There is no build in keyboard, as I found a piece of software (IRassistant) that gives me the option to use any remote as a keyboard.
    Much more space in the box, makes it ideal if I need to upgrade.
    Its not as weldone as the last one, has been easier to make, and has only taken half the time to do.
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NEWS: Some changes has been made,
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